Fort Worth

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Encounters leading to authentic and so was our time in Fort Worth to one beautiful and very intense week. And this encounter began in Florida. Located on the beautiful St. Joseph Island merchandise we just arrived at the beach as Noam urgently to the toilet had to. Stefan went with him to the toilet block and waited in front of a little annoyed, to Noam with His great business was done. to die time wisely to benefit he spoke a couple a whether this IT coins could change for more than a washing machine. They started talking and cooperation Nancy and Gordon goods from our plan enthusiastically and invited us to visit them in Fort Worth.

Life in Fort Worth

A few weeks later it was time then, Our itinerary took us to Fort Worth. We contacted with Nancy and Gordon and die both enjoyed yourself very us to consider. On Sunday we arrived in Fort Worth and visited the historic area of the First city ​​with the livestock auction markets, restaurants, dm old Rodeo Stadium and various museums about cowboys. Twice Daily here is a herd of longhorn cattle from Cowboys by the main Street district driven dieser, always was a spectacle is great. Even otherwise, we felt as Grey Theater between all the horses, cowboys and huge big pickups. Noam and Jala completed her outfit yet equipped with DM matching cowboy hat and goods as for the small Rodeo Show. in the evening we arrived at Nancy and Gordon, and our camper Found in her driveway space . we were with them together dinner and comrades to DM warm day A good shower in YOUR house. we were made ​​very welcome and even got the front door key for the next day and die instruction for die washing machine, sO we die yourself could wash pent wash again . was the Monday Then from washing clothes in the morning and in the afternoon we got to die neighbor know. Barrett, Harrison and Noam were counted weekly over close friends and spent every afternoon die together. They played in the garden, splashed in the icy pool of Ande neighbors took recommendation. your bikes and scooters neighbor playground or defeated a football match Noams Regular question of war: “When is my friend back,” on Friday Noam could then accompany Barrett the whole day long in dying Montessori school. Barrett showed Him all and although Noam hardly a word of English understands he remained from the morning until the afternoon at school, built yourself in die group and had obviously having fun, when we picked up in the afternoon parents IHN again. in daily games did not require it of many words. Noam and Barrett and Harrison also found yourself immediately sympathetic and agreed yourself with gestures, simple answer and a Made by, the other was fooling. thickness friendship without many words. for us parents the confidence and hospitality was dying, we Nancy and Gordon contrary brought not self-evident . die had a key for their house, were there, and going out, die use shower and washing machine and camp out in her driveway. We were invited to dinner, Nancy half us with telephone calls to the garage for the brakes, Holte us out of town from and adapted in the meantime on Emma. We talked a lot, laughed a lot and still learn more warmth.

Heike visited the hospital

While children played we get in touch with Kristin, mother of both boys. We talked about God and the world, found some exciting topics of conversation and found that they on the neonatal unit Works. Hospital showed one morning she Heike The whole hospital and die neonatal unit. It gave Himself Again Valuable discussions with the nurses and the doctor in attendance. Thank you dear Kristin for this wonderful look behind scenes of dying station.

Tears during farewell

We have taken some steps in Fort Worth, How the visit to the Museum of Modern Art, a reading hour for the smallest local library or visit downtown in the water fountains die in. But most of us, the cooperation with Nancy and Gordon owls with Kristin and recommendation. your guys Barrett and Harrison touches . we came as strangers, from a foreign country with one other language and were allowed to leave as friends so we said goodbye on Saturday tearful our special newly gained friends and Noam Had crying very because parting with Barrett so much hurt. Heynckes nothing more than always say thank you for this wonderful time, Will always be remembered as highlight in memory.