Caprock-Canyon State Park (Texas)

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After our tearful farewell in Fort Worth we started on Saturday night on their way to the northwest. Suddenly the middle came on the highway at 100km / h on the driver’s side, a loud metallic noise. Stefan immediately drove to the hard shoulder and with headlamp he inspected the underbody and the wheels of our camper, but he has not found anything. In the interior we could immediately see anything. Slowly we drove and the noise was gone, probably was caught at the site a little and was now flown away. We then reached Wichita Falls, the last major town before we headed for the state park, covered us with food for the next four days and slept there. The next morning it was in brilliant sunshine continued, interrupted by a lunch at McDonalds we arrived in the late afternoon at the Caprock Canyon State Park. Already at the entrance warned the signs before the wild bison and one should keep this distance. Even when inserting Driving Stefan had the feeling we would have very very lucky if we ever would get one to face. Far from it, even when washhouse our campsite were the first four bison on the adjacent meadow. Slowly we approached sitting on the road, certainly in our camper with the camera arms of this beautiful animals. But not only the bison were impressive but also the many prairie dogs looking out of their sockets on both sides of the road. We and the kids glued to the nose of the car windows to be able to see as much as possible. We undertook a small reconnaissance trip through the park, admired the bright red canyons against bright blue sky to get our bearings for the next four nights pitched at the campsite. After a hot shower for all the laundry we were still before it and read the information on the bulletin board when suddenly filed past us from behind a herd of 20 bison. Stefan quickly turned his camera on to film the animals, while Heike be brought with the children on the outside wall near the door of the wash house to safety. Uuuiii, everything went well.

5 mil Canyon hike

The next morning we denied the hardest tour in this park. We were attracted by the view from the highest mountain of the canyon. At first it was about 400 meters uphill kraxelnd. Noam mutated to mountaineers and mastered the track with flying colors. Also Jala ran halfway up himself, the rest of the strong father on the arm. At the top we had a cracking panorama of the bright red Canyon. Protected from the strong wind under a bush, we strengthened ourselves with delicious bread and couscous salad. Now it was 3km above the plane. Jala slept with Stefan in Bondolino and then left Noam motivation. Heike was now wearing the backpack and Stefan our workhorse both children for the next two kilometers. Then was time for a break. Strengthened with banana chips both children were totally motivated and ran super the next track. The descent was then again a challenge, Noam also mastered this bravurös and Heike and Stefan alternated with Jala onto his back, because the scree and steep path took some concentration and coordination. After 8km beautiful and sweaty hike with wonderful views, blue skies and bright red rocks, we arrived at the parking lot. Now Stefan would have to pick up yet 1,5km before him to our car, but a nice Americans took him unceremoniously on his pickup truck with and brought him to our RV, so we could freshen up with a cool ice quickly. After this time refreshing shower in the washhouse Heike said still to Noam, he should not walk alone out, not that there are again the bison. Carefully she opened the door, but this time there are no bison, but six deer were grazing in front of the wash house. Noam approached them carefully and came within two meters up to her before the deer somewhat distanced themselves.

The next two days are still spent on the small lake in the park, but this was to swim really too cold and still took another short hike, but the wind was now so strong that we the sand gave a free face scrub, which at the children not just led to joy jumps. And on the way through the park, it was suddenly there again, the metallernde noise.This time were Heike and Stefan under the car and hard to believe, we found nothing again. So not a metal part of the construction site. Later the lake heard Stefan then the sound as our camper standing. Thus, it could be anything from the engine or from the suspension. Stefan listened more detail and found the culprit: a metal bars of a heating fan under the driver’s seat, which had been caught in the fan and always noisy was when Emma came to the switch for the fan and moved the car what the grating against fan expressed. Stefan then could this patch help with Noam and unscrewed the grid laid back and the noise was gone, Yippeeeehhh !!!!

We enjoyed four days in nature, with great hiking, impressive wildlife viewing, great blue sky, sun and more wind.This should accompany us on our journey through the prairie Texas.