Why do we travel?

We have no plan but we have a great common goal: "Discover the world with the kids" or a little bit more specific: "As parents, we want to establish and participate during a wonderful childhood of your kids. And we want to share our greatest passion with the kids: Travel around the world!"

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In the museum of life

We often go to bed with a big smile and say to each other "What a great museum's day." "Museum days" are not the days we spend in a museum. Imagine that you are strolling one day through YOUR museum. Yes you read correctly. Through your Museum! Here are all stations of YOUR life documented. In your museum all great events and memories of your life hanging in golden frames on the wall.

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Everyday life

Since mid-December 2015 we traveling our dream life trip and have experienced in this time incredible things. Our Carthago motorhome is our "sweet home"! Traveling and discovering has developed to a relaxed routine during this time. There are some everyday things we enjoy very much.

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Encouragement for a dream life

One of the most common question that was put to us in the last few weeks and months, is the following: "How do you find the courage to live your dreams?". We do not find ourselves very brave. Certainly the way how we live is special and we are aware that our lifestyle represent an absolute dream.

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