How do you find the courage to live your dreams?

One of the most common question that was put to us in the last few weeks and months, is the following: “How do you find the courage to live your dreams?”.

We do not find ourselves very brave. Certainly the way how we live is special and we are aware that our lifestyle represent an absolute dream. As a hint we recommend to experience greater dreams in miniature. We made many trips to exotic countries, mostly for 3 to 4 weeks in a row. These experiences have encouraged us certainly to realize our dream of life.

A common goal for us is meaningless if our faith is missing it can be reached. Therefore, other people who have already realized a dream of us are always a great encouragement for us. The Internet is full of such examples! Especially in the initial phase, these role models are very important for us, because of many doubts and fears simply disappears when we see, that others found a way to make it real. In addition, we have discovered methods which helped us to overcome mental blocks in an elegant way. We love to share this methods with others.

A simple and effective way is to develop a “worst-case scenario” and ask yourself:

  • What has it really to do with my dream?
    (I can get sick everywhere .. even at home or in the office!)
  • How bad are the consequences and could I endure it?
    For us, the maximum worst-case scenario is that we have to cancel our trip due to an incident and then settle down in Switzerland and search for a new job. That bearable for us. Therefore, once again – we do not find ourself very brave!

Now, up to you …

  • What is your big dream?
  • What’s stopping you from living your big dream?
    How bad would the consequences be in a worst case scenario and could you bear it?
  • What is the probability of the worst case scenario?
    (Seriously: I guess, the probability to win in the lottery is much higher!)