Why do love we a “Museum Day”?

We often go to bed with a big smile and say to each other “What a great museum’s day.” “Museum days” are not the days we spend in a museum.

Imagine that you are strolling one day through YOUR museum. Yes you read correctly. Through your Museum! Here are all stations of YOUR life documented. In your museum all great events and memories of your life hanging in golden frames on the wall. They document for the posterity how wonderful and glorious your was life and which activities have shaped your life.

Our goal is to make it to collect as many memorable moments for us and the children, so that we may one day go through “the museum of our lives” and say full of joy and pride: “What a dream life! Gorgeous! This life was a celebration and we enjoyed every moment.” Therefore, we are exited and happy about every Museum Day!

Now up to you …

  • What is hanging from today it the museum?
  • Is it always the same image or are there highlights?
  • What memorable moments of your life you’re proud of?

We want to encourage you now to realize a first concrete step to enrich your Museum of Life with an additional incredible moment of your life. Do not hesitate to contact us if you need support or a coaching.