New Mexico

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After the red canyons of Caprock now expect the sand and caves. We cross the state line and ride from Texas to New Mexico. There adequately qualified public land on which we may also Campen. We drive through the wide prairie, endless roads through barren landscape, dotted by endless oil pumps (partly it smells like in a gas station). In the middle of this nothingness we reach our next destination, public land with the Caprock-Dunes. In the plains to sandy dunes pile up. We put five US dollars for entry into an envelope and drive over a bumpy gravel road to the first parking lot. Here quite a few Americans have gathered with their off-road buggies and circling noisily around us through the dunes. So we had not imagined it. It was too loud and too dangerous to climb with the kids the dunes. We got back in our camper and drove to the rear parking lot. There was quiet, there were three picnic tables and we decided to stay here to start our exploration and to pitch well our camp here. We climbed the dunes, romped through the sand, tumbled down the dunes and built a high tower. A sandbox in Mega Format. Just before sunset, a jeep approached with a trailer in the parking lot. They drove their off-road buggy out of the trailer and two small boys got out. We welcomed the family and were amazed that the supporters garage could be converted into a caravan with beds, kitchen, toilet and shower. The family invited us for dessert campfire and the children joined immediately friendship. The boys explored, armed with headlamps, the dark desert environment and rejoiced every time huge when again flared up the next dry bush in the fire to high flame. With a great view into the vast starry sky and matching photos which we slept quiet and peaceful. The next morning Noam could not wait to play with his new friends there. And what luck, Noam and Stefan allowed to travel with the tour of the dunes in the off-road buggy. What a lot of fun !!!! With breakneck speed, it went up the dunes and down. Only now let himself imagine how extensive were the dunes. Thanks to the great buddy pilots for this great experience.

Noam became a caver

Our next goal was called Carlsbad to explore from there the next day the huge big caves. We spent the afternoon on a great playground on the river and the kids splashed spontaneously in the freezing river. We love this fun in so many existing recreational areas with playgrounds and picnic tables. After a night on the Walmartparkplatz it went on Easter Sunday los time to Carlsbad caverns. In the parking lot in front of the caves with beautiful views of the underlying us prairie we met the two St. Gallen Erika and Bert. The two tours for three years with her ​​offroad camper through the USA, Canada and northern Mexico. We have a lot to tell and explore together with the two the gigantic large caves. Noam has found in Bert a wonderful conversationalist and does not vary during our four-hour expedition from his side. One and a half kilometers it went downhill switchbacks in the cave in which we on a footpath of two kilometers huge big Stalaktmiten and Stalatktiten admired. Due to the many great conversations, time passed by quickly. At the top was Noam hardly wait to see if the Easter bunny has found our motorhome in the USA. After a long search he jumped enthusiastically out of the RV for his heart’s desire, a real Lasso was come true. Also Jala was thrilled about her sheep and adopted it immediately. From now on we are with duck and sheep go 😉Noam played with Bert football, hide and catch and started as our stomachs really growling we found all the space in our camper for a joint dinner. Only after nightfall we said goodbye to each other and each drove towards its next target. After some eighty kilometers we slept in Artesia on the Walmartparkplatz.

Tobogganing in the desert

The next morning, we wanted to fill our water at the next lying car wash, but unfortunately the outer terminals were not working. But the nice owner was so helpful, he showed us with his car the way to the public dump station, including water. We are extremely grateful for this many helpful people that we encounter again and again on our way. So it went with purified toilet and padded water tank next to the White Sand Dunes National Monument. Who has not seen this, was not in New Mexico, so tell all. In the afternoon we reached the white sand dunes and were overwhelmed by its splendor. Endless white sand dunes piled up in front of us. Against the blue sky and the blazing suns saw the scenery like painted. At times we felt we were in the snow. Many visitors slid down the dunes with plastic dishes and Noam did not want this fun to be missed. So we asked a departing family, if we could buy a bowl of them. This had two cups for testing get seeing these now no longer needed and gave us their Tobogganing shells. Wooowww so cool and we had a lot of fun, so the dunes to slide down. We spent the night on a three kilometer distant military base and marveled again the next day the dunes. Noam got from Papa his first lesson in flying stunt kites and proved to be more ambitious and instructive students. After a short time he was able to steer the kite in stormy Böhen through the dunes. But now a storm blew up. The sand was burning in the face and made it no longer really fun to play in the sand. Ahead of schedule, we headed to Las Cruses. More by chance than planned we drove to Mesilla, an old Spanish / Mexican embossed part of this city, strolling through the streets, hanging around the first Roman Catholic church in Spanish style and got fancy a Mexican dinner. There was next to the actual restaurant or the Dog-restaurant, where dogs were allowed and so we enjoyed in the cozy terrace with Emma a really delicious Mexican food.

Luis (working for Genesis Logistics) gives us drinking water

The next morning Jala complained then about a stomachache and vomited a quick bite. As already back lot was incurred to wash we decided once to stay in town to wash our clothes and see how developed Jalas Status. It remained in the single vomiting. Jala ass again lunch and so we went in the afternoon to Arizona, the next state on our list. Since this track was quite far, we drove a truck stop on the highway to to sleep there. First we parked our RV in the Truck Series. A short time later parked next to us a truck and we learned Luis Genesis Logistics from California and his companion know. We chatted for a while. Luis showed us some places on the map that we should look at absolutely gave us his phone number and asked us to him really to call when we are in Las Vegas or Los Angeles. He was really enthusiastic about our company. Later we met him in the restaurant and when he had finished eating he suddenly came to our table and gave us a whole box with bottles of water and a bag of nuts. Funny, Stefan had wanted on the trip, again to buy nuts 😉Some things we can watch more quickly to us. We spent one (by the constant honking of passing freight trains) restless night at this truck stop, was it the next morning fill our water free and can even refill our gas bottle. So it was at times more in the state of Arizona. Of the wild cowboys, the many cactus and horses then more in the next blog.