San Miguel de Allende (Mexico)

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I sit here in bed a beautiful hotel and look back at four weeks San Miguel de Allende.Why I am now located in a hotel on that later ….

Learn Spanish in San Miguel

Our wish was finally start really with the Spanish learning the longer we were always greater in Mexico. If we were at last able to speak at least basic phrases in the local language, although then often turns the conversation into English. And also the situations in which our counterpart not speak English should finally be easier. So we chose San Miguel de Allende. The city is not so huge, everything is accessible on foot or by bicycle, and the camp is located in the city center and is also a cost point for a month affordable. The climate here is pleasant 1900müNN vernal and the blue sky, interrupted only by occasional rain showers mostly in the evening or overnight. Here we meet Joachim and Bärbel can answer all our questions and we also equal Alicia organizing super cute Spanish teacher. Three and a half weeks, we learn every morning about two hours Spanish, while Noam does his homework and keep the children then himself. We had no idea what you can learn in this short time and are proud to have to write the first sentences and little stories. After nearly nine months of every day now rang again the clock to fit showered classes begin, breakfasted, dressed the children and the morning snack provided to have. By this we were allowed to once again get used and were excited to be able to sleep late on weekends 😉 like old times …

Tennis lessons for Noam

Noam had seen when we arrived that there at his age took part in a children’s tennis lessons and also wanted. (The plot included not only a campsite but also three tennis courts). So we asked Walter to tennis instructor whether Noam also could join and that was no problem at all. Thus Noam attended the next three weeks on Monday and Wednesday for one hour with four other children, the tennis lesson and made huge progress.

The local market and secondhand clothes

On Tuesday afternoon we visited always the big local market and covered us with vegetables for the next week. The market was held in the open air and was huge. Here you could buy anything and everything. For all we found one or the other new garment for about 2 euros per piece. These dresses come from the clothes collections of US and are at different stands on big pile and you need some time and luck to find beautiful things. But until now great things without spots and in superb quality were always there. One type of environmental protection with beaming faces of the children and a rested purse.

San Miguel de Allende – and even more Fiestas

Also San Miguel itself we have repeatedly explored. Through the city it left wonderfully stroll on foot and in every backyard we discovered again great shops and restaurants. In San Miguel is much celebrated and with repeated large parades with beautifully costumed people place where we could not see ourselves sick. Also we were the four weeks accompanied with a lot of drum music and fireworks, a popular sport of the Mexicans. It seems in this respect to be no rest periods and fireworks and firecrackers popped at any time of the day next to the church bells of the nearby church, but because we got used to quickly. After a not so pleasant encounter with the fireworks where firecrackers were normal shot for Mexicans directly into the crowd Kids who once had enough. And we will ask more detail next time as the fireworks of equip goes.

New friendships around the world

This time in San Miguel de Allende also gave us an opportunity exciting new people to meet. So we met in the park on the playground Natalia from Hungary with her Mexican husband Raoul and their three daughters. We spent an exciting morning at the market, went for a group meal, visited with them the local fair and thought firmly while Natalia eye surgery on them. This was one of our many profound and fulfilling encounters that we could do on our trip, we felt so close to them and had each other a great asset.Together we spent our last day in San Miguel and visited the wonderful pool in a luxury hotel. From the roof terrace we admired the sunset and enjoyed a last time the panorama of San Miguel de Allende. Thank you for this beautiful time.

Also we met Manfred and Karin that coming from the south already are three and a half years on the road are and have helped us with great tips. You both still a wonderful journey.

With Josh and Brittni from California we have many great discussions conducted and still won better football games and are now on the way, the two meet again. Thank you for this valuable exchange, Noam and Jala are already looking forward to their Josh 😉

The test of the Mexican health system

In addition to these great four weeks a lot of everyday routine, we have also tested the Mexican health system. Heike wanted to now one and a half years can once again control their thyroid values and obtained by Joachim organized quickly an appointment with a German doctor. Thank you for the great Joachim Tip! This she sent then for the next day to a nearby laboratory for blood sampling. A few days later the lab results were available to the doctor and this made then still an ultrasound of the thyroid gland with the finding of a nodule. Then it was the week after the bus in which one and a half hours away Querétaro for CT, two days later to the endocrinologist after Querétaro the super English speaking and has taken a lot of time for Heike and tomorrow then again to her for biopsy of the nodule. now why I spend the night at the hotel in Querétaro since the appointment in the morning at eight o’clock is. My experience so far were very positive, the doctors competently and sensitively with the necessary time for their patients and the whole is still affordable at a price.

After that, it is then time to clean up everything again and our tents in San Miguel de Allende cancel to start new adventures. It is still waiting for the big monolith, the hot springs, the ancient pyramids and the next big city to us.

Our conclusion after four weeks San Miguel de Allende

The weather was fantastic. It has us once done well to rest all the RV and to have a daily routine. We are proud now to be able to speak a little Spanish. We are grateful for the competent and efficient health care system here in Mexico. We were enriched by great encounters and friendships and they bear in their hearts. We have to be able to immerse it enjoyed times deeper. We could stay longer and yet we now look forward to all the new things to come.