Southern Baja California (Mexico)

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La Paz – The perils of underground

After an overnight stop in Ciud Constitution at a nice pool and a stocked refrigerator it was on to La Paz. Except for a slightly longer Baustellte so about 30km, the roads in the south were always better. On a super clean campsite with pool We let ourselves down in La Paz for the next two nights. We could not wash our clothes, cool off in the pool and discussed until late at night with Ralf and Lisa we met here. After more than three weeks, we enjoyed huge three large shopping centers and were finally back all the groceries that we had looked forward to for a long time. In order not to stand in the blazing sun, we drove in the covered part of the parking lot of the large shopping center. Since it was missing at altitudes checked Heike with good sense of proportion, whether it really fit. No problem, we were in the shade. But even when getting out came the first Securitas and told us that we can not continue because it would always be lower and the ceiling hung but some important pipes and cables. it would have preferred the men we had just moved out again, but we wanted shopped yet and Emma should stay in the car, since dogs at the mall were not allowed. So we assured the men, we’d definitely the way we came and back out again. After more than an hour with lunch and shopping we came back to our car, which was now guarded by three Securitas. So all they have us probably unfamiliar and the damage, if we had such a pipe caught, would have been not to be underestimated. We drove the road we had come back and the men were visibly glad we had destroyed nothing.

A patched tire and new brakes

The next day we discovered a screw in our front tire and drove to a small, nice-looking Michelin dealer on the main road. The mechanic was so well versed in the patch of the wheel that we could continue with poorer patched tires, all controlled air pressure by almost 6 dollar after about twenty minutes. We agreed another appointment for the next morning at our brake pads to renew behind. Again, it was not expected that there is Fiat parts, but Stefan had different matching brake pads printed as images, so the mechanic could get an idea. Also of note, that the front brake pads in the small town Loreto could be changed also awakened to provide this to them the ambition. So our brake pads were the next morning quickly that it had also urgently needed, remove and replace. This time, even with a too 100% matching Mexican product. Thank this great and competent mechanics! La Paz we liked, with its great beach promenade, nice restaurants, playgrounds and great bays.

Todos Santos – And to find something to eat, the challenge

From here we went to Todos Santos. We came here in the early evening and drove to the first beach where we thought that we can sleep there. But up to a huge construction site, many fishermen and no place to park, there was nothing beautiful here. Next to the small campsite in, but which did not have good reviews. Just getting there was not particularly reassuring, let alone the space with countless dogs and us intuiting very funny, living there permanent campers. Here we did not feel well. Then sleep better on the road next to the famous Hotel California, because the night was at least something going on. Since we were all hungry, we went in search of a nice restaurant. The first did not like Noam, the second was not to our children nor the dog pleased and claimed to be closed, the third had only a very limited choice and was not prepared to make even a simple dish from the lunch menu, so we moved on the fourth restaurant. This had a beautiful courtyard and was unlike the other restaurants also well attended. We were served super friendly, the food was delicious and for us it has proven itself once again, who does not want to serve us because we do not want to eat too. The time to sleep the kids raged on a nice playground very close from. Since we have not really warmed to the city it continued.

Surfing until it is dark

Our next destination was the Cerrito Surf Beach. In the collection of hotels and guesthouses at this wonderful beach, there was also a campsite. We have looked at this, found no electricity or water, and no shadow and found only a shabby parking. And this should also be very expensive in our app, since one could allowed to use the swimming pool. There was not a soul in this place and so we were looking on. We found a good place on the public access to the beach and made ourselves comfortable there. We built our table and our chairs were greeted friendly by all and felt very welcome. After a chat with the owner of the nearby guest house, we were even able to use the wifi and the pool free. We spent three great days with surfing, sunbathing and splashing in the pool before our supplies were exhausted.

From Cabo San Lucas to Jose del Cabo

We made a small discovery tour through Cabo San Lucas, in the south of the island, shopped and did not really know where we wanted to go. The city was closely built and the beach full of hotels. The next beautiful beach unfortunately no dogs were allowed and then full of cars, families and even more beer cans. So to stay really nice we did not find it here. To top it all, we were still on the way out driving in the sand. Again, we were happy happy about the friendliness of the Mexicans, nothing attracted us in no time from the sand. The third beach was not bad, but the view was to sleep under the Highway Bridge with some rather comical figures also underwhelming. So on to San Jose del Cabo. Here we found a public access to the beach next to a luxury hotel where there is sufficient Securitas gave even our car with guarded. After a dip in the sea, a refreshing shower on the beach of the luxury hotel and delicious rolls we slept quietly all night. We explored yet the great play and football pitch, dolphins could watch from the edge of the pool and could Noam evening even play with the men a round of football.

Snorkeling, snorkeling and snorkeling again

After two days it went on in the nature reserve south of Cabo Pulmo on the east coast of Baja. The drive there took us through a green, hilly landscape and the roads were to 15km feedforward target in good condition. The last 15km we drove very slowly along a dirt and gravel road, which well cost us an hour. But we found a nice place to sleep in the Schnorchelbucht, even with cold showers. For two days we snorkeled through the bay, discovered great colorful fish and Heike even met a sea turtle. The second night we met Tini from Germany with her boyfriend Fede from Argentina. We spent a fun evening with delicious food and a sweaty scheduled in the sand. Great experience, but also the long, bumpy Driving worthwhile.

Crossing from La Paz to Mazatlan

On the way back to La Paz to Jala unfortunately had a cold with cough and fever. But her condition was stable enough that we decided to take the ferry to the mainland. From La Paz drove two ferries to Mazatlan. One was rather designed for tourists, here was not allowed to sleep in the car and our dog would have had to spend the entire 16 hours in a box. The prices, in contrast to other ferry were significantly higher. from sole consideration for Emma we opted for the truckers ferry. Apart from a few cars and many trucks we were the only RV here. All vehicles were briefed and we were delighted not to stand down in the belly of the ship but on the higher deck. What we had not realized at the beginning was that we were at the rear covered third and thus about 10 meters too far back to abzubekommen ever a breeze slipstream. All truck drivers and the crew were very nice. There were delicious dinner from a commercial kitchen and great views from the upper deck. As Noam discovered the Belgian officer and wanted the bridge to see up to where the captain was working. Stefan asked for and we were a whole family to look at the bridge. The Belgian was delighted, told us more than an hour everything in detail and answered all our questions. What a great opportunity to thank you very much for that. After so many great insights we were all tired. Jala was still very cold, had a fever again and Heike had caught it. We just wanted to go to bed. With horror, we discovered that our RV was heated to about 40 degrees and no chance of a gust of wind was. The air was still, was hot and humid. At the beginning of the night we tried it with the windows open and our cooling fan but to leave as then the trucks anschalteten their engines running their air conditioning, we had to because of the exhaust fumes close our windows. In order not to completely melt we did the same truckers and also started our engine and let run our air conditioning. We closed even the bathroom door to the living room to the decrease space to be cooled and slept in the bed and on the couch again. At much sleep was impossible, but somehow we managed it. We reached after about 16 hours driving time the mainland!

We had a great time on the Baja, countless beaches explored seen more cacti and may experience a first impression of the Mexican lifestyle and helpfulness. We are ready for more, and we’re thrilled to more great adventures on the mainland.