Southern California

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Both the report and the film were a little longer to wait, that has to do with the fact that we went the following route twice. During the first round, we decided that we wanted to show Aunt Pitti, who came to visit us in San Diego two weeks many of these beautiful places, so we visited some places twice.

Searching for the perfect Beach (Los Angeles)

From Santa Barbara went Highway 1 along the coast to Malibu Beach. It was Sunday and accordingly fully were the parking and roads near the beach. Somehow we had no real desire to throw us in this tumult, drove something into the interior in a State Park. Here it was very hot because the sun but soon we were able to bear it went well. The next day we went to Venice Beach but parking fees of 48Dollar for an underground parking lot have carved our socks. We almost wanted to pay, because we found out that Emma was not allowed to the beach. And in the camper it was for her really too hot. So, money recovered and drove on. Via the Internet we searched while driving a suitable dog beach and landed in Long Beach. Here the parking fee was negligible with only a dollar a hour and we all spent a relaxing afternoon on the beach, surrounded by hundreds of free-roaming dogs. In the evening we visited the nearest IKEA a visit to stock us with matching bedding. IKEA is well known that one usually also buy something you really do not need and so our children are now parents of two sweet cuddly puppies, without which it is now no longer the evening goes to bed. After we were not allowed to stay on a Walmartparkplatz the first time and the Securitas was absolutely clear to us that he would not tolerate us here, we found a quiet place on the road in a residential neighborhood in LA. We spent a quiet night and did not seem to bother. The next day we explored another beautiful beach south of LA and spent the night on a quiet street in Dana Point. In total we found Los Angeles very expensive, not really beneficial RV and drove thus continue towards San Diego. On the way we found a state park by the sea, unfortunately the highway and the railway line were also very noisy at night and the stony beach with strong currents and high waves not just children.

Good mechanics can be recognized by their sense of smell

After one night we went to San Diego. Here we found a workshop in which we wanted to make our brakes. But first, it is different and as you think. So our brakes were still good enough but the mechanic immediately smelled that we lost coolant. And where he was right, he was right. Even in our oil change in Colorado we asked for, what it could be that we would always add coolant. The mechanics there were baffled and thought we should just keep refilling. Not so here in San Diego. We made an appointment for Monday, so that the repair could be tackled. The night of Thursday to Friday we could quartered on a KOA campground in San Diego and enjoyed with the children the warm pool. Unfortunately all campsites were fully booked for the weekend in and around San Diego, so we explored the beaches during the day and spent the night south of San Diego at the truck stop. That was, after all, free, safe and relatively quiet. As of Sunday we had a place in the country at the Camp Mission Bay in San Diego, but it was 70 dollars for a parking place without electricity and water but an expensive affair. On Monday morning, Stefan went to the workshop with our camper. The mechanics built from the cooler and quickly found the cause of the loss of our cooling liquid, which one of the three radiator was leaking. Although the cause was now found, but how should it proceed? The Fiat dealer in the US are not really helpful and not familiar with the larger motors also made, let alone that they would have such a cooler for storage. The mechanic took our cooler in a company that sold only coolers for cars, hoping to get a matching there. Unfortunately, the radiators were too big or too thin and therefore simply not fit. However, the company took care of our cooler and found that they could patch him up with a special liquid. The night our car was so unroadworthy and remained in a backyard workshop. And as a family we stayed at the campsite, something protected under our beach seashell on our ceiling and missing already fast the soft mattress of our motorhome. The next day, our radiator was able to be mended, but not enough time, it installed the same day you. Another night on the hard ground, we’d like to spare us and Ron, the super cute head of workshop, picked us all in his VW bus from the campsite from and we could sleep in the workshop area. We are grateful for all these experiences and the willingness of all these people and appreciate again more to have such a great camper. On Wednesday after lunch we were finally able to leave with a patched-up and functioning cooler workshop, a thank you for the great commitment.

The perils of the desert (Joshua Tree National Park)

We went inland. After a hot night on a casino parking lot we reached the Joshua Tree National Park. This park is located in the middle of the barren stony desert of California. The temperatures reached about 40 degrees Celsius. In the National Park we hiked in the early morning on a short trail and were lucky enough to see the infrequent bighorn sheep. Even wild rabbits, lizards and little chickens we could discover. The scenery was amazing and especially the starry sky was indescribably beautiful. But the Heat put to us, and especially the thirsty bees gathered around our motorhome in great numbers. At times we had in front of them to flee the Caravan, which is not exactly funny at temperatures of over 40 degrees. Since the bees on water search are we could not cool out with water, let alone the children could splash out with water. After two nights we traveled from the desert climate in the summer with the many bees was too tiring for us. Our next destination was the Big Bear Lake on 2000Meter height. Comfortable we drove with fully turned on air conditioning at outside temperatures of over 40 degrees in the desert and getting further up the mountain. We underestimate the slope of more than 10 percent in combination with air conditioning and outdoor temperature and had emergency treatment persist with a overheat coolers. we gave two hours our engine time to cool down and we were sweating in front of us in until it went to six o’clock.

Why we appreciate high altitudes (Big Bear Lake)

The rest of the track was smooth and the temperatures at the Big Bear Lake were at a pleasant 24 degrees. Here, however, was to find not a single campsite more because of the Independent Day weekend, so we spent the first night undisturbed in the car park of the port. We quickly made the acquaintance of Dennis and McGayver, two in the tooths men. The next morning was our refrigerator on the repair list by Stefan. For quite some time we had found that the cooling capacity decreased in gas mode. Was our RV plugged in, the refrigerator cooled top, but once only ran the gas supply, he was rather lukewarm than cold. On the Internet we found a lot of people with the same problem and wanted our resolve now. Since we needed to blow through the chimney compressed air, Stefan dropped in Dennis and McGayver. Even ten minutes later the two were in our motorhome and helped actively with. Eventually the two women the men were still with clamped and midday the refrigerator was running better than ever. Unfortunately, our roost problem was still not solved. In the parking lot we were not allowed to stand on. There was also an empty lot, to which Stefan set pass since Heike had undertaken a little stroll with the kids, for the men to repair the refrigerator at rest. But even as Stefan drove onto the property came Tom opposite the sports shop and told us that we could not stop there. Stefan and Tom started talking and Tom had made a long journey. He quickly had an idea. would be the house next to his shop was for sale and there over the weekend neither the broker nor the owner present there he asked for permission and our pitch for the next two nights was assured. We explored the lake, which unfortunately due to the drought no longer had as much water as in previous years, and strolled leisurely through the tourist shopping street. On July 4th we admired then the traditional, 30-minute, wonderful fireworks over the lake. Before going to the coast again we have found a wonderful campsite in the National Forest and enjoyed the smell of pine and the mild climate.

Welcome aunt Pitti – our first visit after six months

On Friday morning we went to us also to be on time at the airport in San Diego to take to Aunt Pitti in reception. What we were all excited to meet someone from our family again after six months. Noam and Jala plunged into Pittis arms, since they had specially painted a large welcome screen. We left off the day at the Misson Bay beach and could even admire the nightly fireworks of Sea World. After a night at the truck-stop it went on Saturday in the big outlet mall of San Diego, in the Pitti stocked up with beautiful and priced unbeatable clothes. And whom they met at the checkout? A good friend of Pitti, namely the dentist from Rulle. We slept two nights at the KOA Campground, explored from here Balboa Park and then took us to La Jolle to Aunt Pitti real sea lion show in the wild. And who ran us here on the beach on the way? The dentist from Rulle. Who still believes in coincidences … ..

After the days on the coast we showed Pitti the desert where even ran us in Joshua Tree National Park a coyote on the road. The way to Big Bear Lake managed our camper with a little preparation (lunch break before the climb to the engine to cool off air conditioning, heating turned on and window open) without any problems. After two beautiful days in the mountains we went to Santa Barbara. Again we were allowed to come to enjoy the great hospitality of Wes and Pia. We were all happy about the reunion showed Pitti the beach and strolled through the beautiful city before the last day in Los Angeles began.We had reserved a campsite in Long Beach. We explored the hot city, visited the Walk of Fame and spent a whole day on the old cruise ship Queen Mary. And already two weeks had passed again and we had to bring Aunt Pitti heavy heart to the airport of Los Angeles. Unfortunately, we were on our high RV park in any of the parking lots, and thus we had no choice but Pitti quickly adopt the Check In exit. And for us ended with this, the time in the US. We drove on the same day for up to a campsite very near Tecate, where we wanted the next morning cross the border into Mexico. But the traffic in Los Angeles was tight and we needed all of three hours for 60km until we were finally out of the city.In the dark, we finally reached our sleeping place and were all a bit excited what would await us the next day.

Six months USA – Time to say THANK YOU!

We say thank you for a great time in the US. Thanks Aunt Pitti that you took the long journey to you to visit us and the important parts have brought. Thanks also the grandparents of the lovingly selected gifts for the children. Thank their grandmother and Grosspapi for editing all our documents in Switzerland. Thanks to Dodo, that we were allowed to sleep in the jet lag with you in the house comfortable. Thanks Wes and Pia for your sincere hospitality, we hope we meet again soon. Thank you Nancy and Gordon, Kristin, Barrett and Harrison for a great time in Texas. Hopefully to see you again in Nicaragua. Thank you Charlotte and Tracy for the loving conversations in San Francisco.Thanks to all the people who have helped us in a variety of situations that have repeatedly invited us surprisingly to eat or prepared ourselves with other small gifts a pleasure.

In retrospect, the past six months flown by, we have seen and experienced a lot, met many great people, our English improved and retain a great gratitude in our hearts that we were guests in his so a versatile country.