Yellowstone National Park

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The Yellowstone National Park had long been at the top on Stefan’s list of his dream destinations. Although the park was a bit off our actually planned route was clear after some discussion, we will go to this so highly praised Park. The drive through Wyoming to the park proved easier and more enjoyable than we had thought. Surprisingly, we found halfway a community-owned Overnight place, with great lawns next to the river. This came up with a dump station on (for waste water), toilets and clean hot showers. And all for free! Wonderful! Just before we reached the Yellowstone we filled again on our refrigerator to the park to be independent. Even on the last stretch to the park, we saw countless deer grazing in the valley to the lush meadows. We could not get enough of these beautiful animals. And then he was there, the entrance to Yellowstone National Park. After a long journey was our first goal of Fishing Bridge RV Park. We still got a parking space and still were happy because the next campsite was a few hours drive away. The course cost a whopping $ 50. Although we had electricity, water and sanitation, but were as tight as in a parking lot and there was neither a picnic table still space for such a.

Noam as reporter

After a good night we went the next morning in bright sunshine and pleasantly warm temperatures north. We saw endless forests and were amazed when the first bison appeared the wayside. We took time for the first photo shoot with this beautiful but wild animals. A bison came to us even directly opposite on the road. In addition to the large number of wild animals are in Yellowstone, a still significant volcanic activity with geysers, bubbling mud holes and hot springs. At the next corner then were waiting the first bubbling and stinking of rotten eggs mud holes on us. (From there Jala was the word “egg” easy on the lips.) On a 1.5 km long jetty we explored various bubbling and bubbling mud pots. The children and we were totally fascinated and Noam began his work as a reporter. He photographed everything to be then times really famous with its i-Pad. Jala also children’s camera, which she had received for Christmas from her cousin could never fail. Thus every mud hole to a photographic highlight was. After so many first great impressions we arrived in the late afternoon the campsite at the north entrance. Again, we got a place for the next two nights. This place was a little terraced hillside with large lawns and trees. After we parked our camper and brought the Solaranlange in position, emigrated to Yellowstone Village. Already in the middle of the camp we met the first deer and were glad that Emma was busy sniffing and the deer their interest not particularly aroused. Once at the top in the village we had to find that the visitor center was closed. For a herd of deer was located in the village next to the hotel and walked naturally on the village streets. Matching the warm temperatures we enjoyed an ice cream overlooking the many deer. To end the day, the children were allowed to make even a fire and cook for dessert marshmallows. Stimulating conversations with our German neighbors place ensured once again that we all came to bed late.

Unforgettable wildlife encounters

The next morning we woke up and were grateful that our gas system and thus our heater worked properly again, because it had snowed overnight. The whole camp was under a fine snow pack and the fresh wind caused cool temperatures. When morning walk with Emma Stefan was quite amazed when he saw at the campsite a herd middle are bison. He quickly brought Emma back to the RV and took his camera. From a safe distance, he scored unbelievable photos with the bison under a fine layer of snow directly to the tents of the other campers. And once again we were happy to have a dry and warm camper.wake up in wintry temperatures in a tent that is surrounded by a herd of bison, would be uncomfortable without morgendlichem urination. To see more bison and other animals of the national park, we headed towards the eastern entrance of the animal rich Lamar Valley. The total of 90 miles round back were rewarded with various fantastic wildlife encounters. The valley was lined with huge herds of bison, many with their light brown pups. Awesome we admired these beautiful animals and holding back the best moments with the camera. Along the way then were also the female Bighorn Sheep with their pups and later we had even seen as lucky male Bighorn Sheep, which is really rare. And to see a bear and a coyote also Noams big wish was fulfilled. On the roadside, many parked cars and countless photographers stood with huge lenses. If so many people standing on the roadside, staring into the icy cold in a riverbed, there must be something exciting to see.Dick bundled Braving the icy wind and could through the binoculars of an elderly woman a great view of a grizzly bear catch his prey. Wow, even such a sight is rare. After some time the Grizzly left of its prey (bison) from and moved away slowly. So a nice piece of carrion left the Coyote not escape and appeared soon on the scene. Noam was overjoyed at the sight. What an exciting day. The animals so close and yet to see in their natural environment in freedom is better than any visit to the zoo. Although our kids like going to the zoo and we do not deny them this visit, the meetings are with the animals in the wild but a lot more exciting and formative. Noam has now papered walls our motorhome with new Bison pictures.

For the next three nights we have switched to the campsite at the western entrance to discover the many geysers and hot springs. We looked at the eruption of Old Faithful and the afternoon Stefan and Noam were still at a geyser over, erupting only once a day. Just then spat the Gsysir a huge water fountain in the sky and the exact moment in which Stefan had unsheathed his camera. Super timing! And believe it or not, directly on the way to the geysers crossed a Coyote path of Stefan and Noam. As well was also a ranger nearby. Noam stood behind Stefan during that everything photographically held. What an experience for the two. Good Heike was in the camper with the sleeping Jala, which would certainly not have remained so calm.

Noam’s trade

Dinner at the campsite we were allowed to once again experience how Noam comes to everything he wants. Just two weeks ago he had sorted out old toys and a poster painted around this to sell more money in his treasure chest to do and to get rich right. So far, however, no opportunity had found this really will try and Heike bugged the bag lying around now noticeably. She struck a deal Noam Noam gets from us parents five US dollars for all these things, but he gave them to another child. Noam agreed and went with Stefan and Jala on the way to a boy five campers on. The boy was delighted and the boys played the whole evening together Baseball. Noam was back for dinner when the boy came along with us and Noam gave a baseball bat, a baseball and a proper baseball glove. Noam was overjoyed and at every break Baseball has now played in a meadow. We learned also Jürgen and Katja know from Germany. The two are in early retirement, long time possessed a mobile home and gave us lots of useful tips. At a joint cup of coffee in our motorhome we chatted until late in the evening. Thank you both for the wonderful evening – you are wonderful!

Unforgettable memories

With many memorable experiences, wonderful animal encounters and a new connection to nature we said goodbye after five days of this unique park. Yellowstone National Park has left us all a lasting impression and also two weeks later, we talk a lot about the unforgettable nature experiences during this week. Noam may have learned from his Pixi films about volcanoes and geysers now link with real images and looks again at its June Oranger booklet. Now we head towards the west coast. We are eternally grateful for this wonderful nature and great encounters with so many enthusiastic people. It’s an incredible privilege to be able to take a trip together for us as a family like that.

Grateful for every moment we will send you the dearest greetings.
The dream-life family