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Our way to our dream life

Maybe you wondering, how a family with two children and a dog exchange their comfortable life with two well-paid jobs and a beautiful house for a life in a motorhome. We are in fact homeless and without a regular income.

We got in love in 2006 and married in 2008. In the summer of 2010, our wonderful son Noam arrived and we moved to our new house in parallel. Everything seemed perfect but Heike had trouble with her role as a mother. The relationship between Stefan and Heike became more and more difficult and in early 2013, we was near to break away.

The was the point of a new beginning. A lot of deep-dive conversations, a set of NLP techniques to dissolve limiting beliefs and a small number of personal trainings brought us together again. In December 2013, our daughter Jala was born. She is our little sunshine and we are all thankful that we can enjoy our life as a family because Heike faced serious complications short after the birth of Jala. That was a remarkable milestone in our life and changed our mindset in many ways.

In summer 2014, one of Stefan’s big dreams became reality and our dog Emma made our family complete. Emma is a 5-year-old Labrador and fits perfectly into our family. We were all overjoyed. Nevertheless, we asked ourself: “Is there more?”, “Do we want to keep this as a standard until our retirement?”, “What are our goals in life?”

Travel has always been our passion and we took always 1 months off every year. We discovered more than 30 foreign countries such as Vietnam, Israel, Botswana, Sweden, the United States and Sri Lanka. This has worked very smoothly with two children and the idea of world travel came more and more in our scope. We agreed from the beginning to take a 2 years off. The documentary “Alphabet” strengthen our decision to keep our kids away from traditional schooling systems. Our idea matured, changed and became more and more tangible. We decided to establish a life according to our “dreams”.

We see how our fantastic children grow up first hand on a daily base at the most beautiful places in the world. Our live is much more simpler and we have less dependencies. And we love discovering foreign and wonderful cultures. One of your first step was to replace our old-school-thinking with new colorful movies and images of a wonderful life. We beautified our visual dreams with smells and sounds to make them more real. Locking back, we “realized” what we imagined and fare more. With such a dream booster, it became easy to sell our house to a wonderful family. We gave our furnitures to neighbors and a lovely family with four children, sold our car and Noam gave away most of his toys to his friends. With every part we let go, our dream felt closer and easier. We locked a few personals belongings in a little store (100 square feet) or find a small spot in the mobile home. We don’t want for anything and it just feels light and free. We always traveled as backpackers so far. But for a longer trip, we decided to buy a motorhome. It’s awesome to frequently change the destination but always sleep in the same bed. We have customized our camper, hung pictures and also the favorite toys of children have found their place. Our kids love the fact that they now have their home on wheels. On December 12, 2015 we moved from our house to the motorhome. From here you can read everything else in our travel blog. Enjoy reading and “traveling with us.”

The dream-life family

The dream-life family


Heike was born in 1980 and is a pediatric nurse with a lot of passion. She is responsible for the well-beeing of everybody in the family and our health. She takes over the detailed planning of the individual stages and act as author for this great website. Having emigrated in 2003 from Germany to Switzerland, she is keen to step out into the world to discover the most beautiful spots and get in touch with other cultures.


Stefan was born in 1978. In his former life, he was an engineer in computer science and now our greatest visionary, teacher of children and he is responsible for all electronic devices and for the motorhome. His great passion is film, photograph and the computer. He is responsible for all technical aspects of our website and ensures that we are online around the world. He is our first mechanic and optimized our motorhome from inside with many practical details.


Noam Elias was born in Switzerland in 2010. He is full of joy and happiness, which is reflected also in the meaning of his name. His greatest passion is soccer and his greatest role model the German goalkeeper “Manuel Neuer”. He wears most of the time a soccer shirt, preferably Neuer Manuel and is happy if he finds someone to play soccer. He started to travel as baby has a robust stomach which is an advantage 😉


Jala Sarai was born in 2013 in Switzerland and is simply unique in its way, as the name describes. She is sweet like a princess but knows how to keep up with her big brother. She has a friendly and sunny nature and is very helpful. She has a wonderful sense of other persons. And when she have a nightmare, she get up and pet our dog Emma and all is well again.


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