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A family living their dream!

We are a young family which live our dream and travel for several years around the world. Our journey started in the US and takes us through 15 countries on the continent of America. This website has been created to inspire and encourage you to realize your small and big dreams.

Virtual House Tour

Welcome to a small virtual house tour in our dream-life RV. We’ll show you where we cook, eat, sleep and shower. In addition, you get valuable tips to ensure comfortable traveling with children.

All explanations in the video are in German but you’ll most understand even if you do not speak German.

Dream-life inspirations

Our route

Our Travel Blog

Travel with us and get inspired by recent travel reports and a few clips.

San Miguel de Allende (Mexico)

Many Mexicans claim that San Miguel is a Mexican Disneyland for foreign (especially American) retirees. Although many facades from the outside do not seem particularly well-groomed, the wonderful courtyards surprise us again and again. The magic of architecture is always discovered in Mexico behind a shabby façade. From September until the end of the year there are countless festivals, fireworks and parades in San Miguel.

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