An other world in Central America (Belize)

Belize is a melting pot of cultures and in many places an unspoilt natural paradise. Not only the raggae music atmosphere makes this country unique. Belize is a unique combination of mighty Mayan temples, tropical rain forest, mysterious caves and a rich underwater world. We climbed in the middle of the jungle on pyramids, walked with a torch through giant caves, snorkeled with sharks and spent unforgettable days on an idyllic Caribbean island.

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Emergency operation and Christmas (Mexico)

Mid-November we received bad news. An surgery of Heike's thyroid was essential. Just before the surgery, we was very nervous and the tears were running. Was it the right decision to make the surgery in Mexico? What if something goes wrong? What if we can not continue our journey? But everything goes as desired and we were able to celebrate Jala's 3rd birthday and shortly after Christmas.

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Pyramids and other magical places (Mexico)

Mexico is a magnificent country for traveling with a breathtaking nature and a rich culture. We climbed on pyramids, we were in the Jungle, on the Caribbean and in Puebla. We also experienced an "authentic" demonstration in Mexico City and Heike has fulfilled an other dream.

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San Miguel de Allende (Mexico)

Many Mexicans claim that San Miguel is a Mexican Disneyland for foreign (especially American) retirees. Although many facades from the outside do not seem particularly well-groomed, the wonderful courtyards surprise us again and again. The magic of architecture is always discovered in Mexico behind a shabby fa├žade. From September until the end of the year there are countless festivals, fireworks and parades in San Miguel.

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The West Coast (Mexico)

On the west coast of Mexico we fall in love with all this charming little towns with colorful houses and narrow streets. But a big city has also its charm. In Guadalajara we feed giraffes during a safari and the our Kids made some experiments with giant soap bubbles in the Children's Museum.

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Southern Baja California (Mexico)

The south of the Baja California is famous for its paradisiacal beaches. We snorkel in the turquoise-blue water, surf until to the moon appears on the sky and enjoy the delicious Mexican food. What in the US was only rarely possible, is commonplace in Mexico: We sleep in the motorhome on the beach!

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Northern Baja California (Mexico)

In the north of Baja California, we enjoy the lonely beaches, the fine Mexican food and the kindness of its people. And we had our first small car breaks down in the middle of the Mexican desert. But fortunately Mexicans have saved us so Noam can do what all surfers around the world dream about: Surfing the longest waves on earth in the Scorpion Bay.

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Southern California (USA)

We were all very excited to meet with a close family member after six months. At the airport, Noam and Jala pounced with a self-made welcome poster in Pitti's arms. Together we explored San Diego, fought in the desert with a swarm of bees, cooled us off in Big Bear Lake, was guest at Pia and Wes in Santa Barbara and met on the streets of Hollywood Batman, Superman, Spiderman and Shrek.

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Coast of California (USA)

We enjoy the warm hospitality of Pia and Wes while Noam was in the surf camp to ride his first waves. Santa Barbara is like being in paradise with a quality of life that has no equal. The beautiful nature with the Pacific and the green forests, that pleasant Mediterranean temperatures (all year round) and the sunny disposition of the people fascinate us.

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Northern California (USA)

In northern California we wandered through the Yosemite National Park and enjoyed the great hospitality of Tracy. We marveled at the Golden Gate Bridge while we strolled through San Francisco and met in Monterey a diver who feeds sharks by hand in front of our eyes . Check out the stunning movie on the travel blog.

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