The west coast (Mexico)

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Arrival on the mainland

After the hot and busy crossing by boat from the Baja California we arrived in the morning safely on the mainland in Mazatlan. Unfortunately Jala was still sick, had again some fever and Heike had caught it with a sore throat. Since we all were tired we decided not to take us too far today. After about 120km, we found a beautiful place by the sea. Since we still found ourselves out of season the owners were visibly surprised that we wanted to go camping with them. The place of San Marino Resort was idyllic and the pool nice and warm ;-). The children were splashing all afternoon was resting in the warm wet while Heike motorhome. The sultry heat followed us and therefore the mosquitoes. However, since a fair wind blew it was quite good withstand. We were hoping for a quiet and restful night but far from it, thundered from 23 o’clock, flashes and it rained without interruption the next hours. With such a noise really was not thinking about sleep. So about three o’clock in the morning we slept then but a lot. The next morning we went Heike not really better and Jala was still groggy and coughed propagated.

Departure to cooler climes

So we drove on towards the highlands to Tepic, a large town on 600müNN. The journey there was a huge contrast to the desert landscape on the Baja. Everything was overgrown so green and dense, really refreshing. In Tepic we steered a campsite in the middle of the city in a beautiful green backyard. We were the only campers there and so Emma also could let off steam again. In the afternoon also Noam got some fever and did not feel what it does not prevented them to play with the boys of the owner, a friendly game of football so fit. We spent two wonderful days at pleasant temperatures and even took a bicycle tour in the nearby City Park, which was due to the difficult road conditions not quite that simple.

Back to the sea – heat we are coming again

Next we went to two nights at the coast to Sayulita where we wanted to meet Tini and Fede again. The journey took us on a twisting road, and suddenly it hits the back of the motor home and violently Complete refrigerator door was on the floor. Hard to believe, the lower hinge of the door had been torn out. Stefan stopped at the first opportunity and we thought about how we should fix the whole. With the help of an iron angle and some screws the door was repaired after an hour and now works weeks later properly. A little late, we arrived in Sayulita and billeted us on a beautiful campsite on the sea for the next four nights a so we could recuperate all because Stefan had caught it. We hung out a bit, met with Tini and Fede, won the one or other scheduled and made after a long time an exit with horses. That was a great experience with the horse on the beach and through the jungle with a great view over the town. Unfortunately, it was also very hot and humid with lots of rain overnight. This meant that the sea totally upset and was brown and all waste was swept by the river into the sea. At bathing or surfing was therefore out of the question and the water flowed for days down the road.

In the highlands of Mexico

After these four days we went safe and sound further into the highlands in great anticipation for pleasant temperatures. On our way to Guadalajara we made a stopover in Tequila. The small town probably has more tequila bottle as residents. We strolled through the cozy downtown, admiring the beautiful architecture. We were now at about 1200müNN and enjoyed the pleasant temperatures. The night we slept through lack campsites at a gas station and felt very safe here. The next day we wanted to explore downtown Guadalajara, but we failed to narrow streets and lack of parking for our motorhome. So we decided the town once to turn his back and go to the Langune de Chapala, a popular destination elderly Americans. Here we found in Roca Azul a huge campsite with public pool. On our arrival it was raining but still the weather was better by the day. We were under beautiful trees on a large lawn area with direct view of the playground. We relaxed for the next four days, enjoyed the wonderful temperatures and needed at night really back our bedspread. We played football, basketball enjoyed the pool and made French bread over the fire. Even the one or other project with respect to our website could still be completed.

Children’s Museum and a great trip to the zoo

After this time we went a second time to Guadalajara because we wanted to visit the Children’s Museum and the Zoo. Long we were no longer in a children’s museum and for the equivalent of 3 euros per person we spent a great day. In the evening it became again the question of where we wanted to sleep today. We hoped for a good parking at the zoo but it was probably nothing. The parking lots were all fenced and finished and the surrounding area was not particularly reassuring. On Google Earth, we searched the surrounding area and found a quiet cul de sac in a better residential area near the zoo. Directly after dinner Noam joined to the other boys were playing in the street football. Until 22: 30h playing outside children until it was time to go to bed. Few Students Celebrating rustled us with their music to sleep. The next morning we were even offered water to replenish our tank. We thank the love Mexicans here for their friendly, helpful and uncomplicated way. Early on we arrived at the zoo. Unfortunately, the zoo no dogs were allowed so that Emma was waiting in the motorhome on us. With open windows and enough security personnel in the parking lot that was not a problem. We purchased the premium package which as whole family just cost us 40 euros. First, we took the train around the zoo, then admired the many colorful birds before going on safari. As in Africa, we were sitting in an open jeep and drove through the “Savannah” right through the animal enclosures. The giraffes were even allowed to be fed with carrots. So close we were to the animals never. In the other enclosures came to the animals very close, the crocodiles we could even touch their feet. With the faces of “Hello Kitty” and “Spiderman” it went on to the rays, sharks and cleaner wrasses. This day was a real highlight since our arrival on the mainland and we are very grateful that we are again driven back to the city. In the late afternoon it went out of the city so 140km Highway until you reach a good gas station where we spent our night.

Colorful houses and many tunnels

From here we went to the highlands at about 1600 m above sea level to Guanajuato.There were two camping options. The one right in town and a 9km south. We decided due to the narrow streets and the narrow access in the first place for the further out lying.We stood here alone again and could all use large lawn to play football and also Emma could play to their heart’s content. From here we went by bus to the city. In Guanajuato is an old silver mining town that is just so undermined with tunnels. We admired the beautiful churches, watched the old theater from the inside and took a ride on the funicular to the viewpoint of the city and from there had a great view of the colorful houses that lined along the slope. In the market building, the children found a great little toys and Heike a new handbag. Noam’s old gym bag had really outlived its usefulness.Since the hall was not stroller friendly we hid our buggy behind a shield, which probably did not go unnoticed, because when we came back was our buggy no longer there. Well, from now on must Jala stop running and another family can push their child, there are worse things. For same day Stefan was still our smartphone to the ground, the wheel was destroyed and the phone let no longer be operated, that was really stupid, so we had to buy for the second time on our trip a new phone us.

With new phone, it went further three nights in the highlands. We are aiming for a nice place where we want to stay four weeks to finally learn Spanish more of it then next time.

Our first conclusion from the mainland

Thankfully, all after 10 days back healthy. Schön was that the various climates are so close together and we change after all this time the sweltering heat to the highlands with really pleasant temperatures. The realization that inner cities because of their colonial past are a medium challenge for our car and we still were able to discover so much with proper planning. Gratitude for the many great experiences in Mexico and we look forward to more of it.