„Keep Austin weird“

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From Houston it was a stopover on a beautiful playground and a night at Walmart to the capital of Texas, Austin.Austin is different. This we have already remarked upon our arrival on Sunday. The city is green, has many bike paths and walking more people end what we have so far not encountered in the US. This otherness is wanted by the city council and we pretty amazed when to meet us while strolling through the city, a young woman “topless”.

We wanted to spend the time of our arrival in the big Zilker Park. Unfortunately we underestimated the crowds for the kite festival (kite festival). With our motorhome we were stuck in traffic and decided to spend the day differently. We drove to a launderette, did our laundry, ate a snack and clean our camper (what it urgently needed had). We fled the city in the idyllic McKinney Water Falls State Park. At the entrance we met a line of waiting cars and campers and the sign announced: busy campsite. But we let them put us off. Full of confidence, we drove to the main entrance and asked if it is not there a way for a parking space for two nights. The nice ranger walked into the office and came back with a plan and a commitment for a room for two nights. Our pitch was in a forest clearing. First Stefan built for Noam a horse, so the little cowboy could start to train with his lasso.

Cooling in the pool

The next day we explored the park with our bikes and marveled at the waterfalls, but were much smaller than the pictures on the brochure due to the low water level. However, it was enough for two wet feet of Noam. We enjoyed the tranquility of nature and plunged on Tuesday to the city life of Austin. The weather was better than expected and we explored the playground at Zilker Park. We cooked and ate right next to the playground and as it, contrary to expectations in the afternoon was really hot we were looking for a cool refreshment. Unfortunately, the river pool was still closed (the water might have been ice cold). Stefan looked into the digital world for a swimming pool, which has already opened, because despite temperatures around 30 degrees Celsius, we are still in the Texas spring the nights are still very cool. We found a swimming pool in the middle of the city which is celebrating its 100 anniversary, moreover. Since the non-swimmers still had no water and otherwise was no season, the admission was free until the weekend. What a gift! We quickly jumped all in our bathing suits and headed to the cold waters. The water here was very cold and it took a bit overcome completely immersed. Side of the basin, we could still be parents and the children with their water wings splashed until all only shivering. Under the hot open air shower we warmed up again and let go so another summer to end.

Lego Ranch in rain

At night it was raining heavily and the next day it was out cold and wet. We hung out a bit in the camper from, painted with watercolors, built with Lego a cowboy ranch, waiting until there are four clock was. From then on the children’s museum was free. A place where children could with many other children romp and new Discover. The Museum in Houston was indeed much larger – for the children could be really creative and in the water sector also subsequently be really wet here. Hungry we went to a taco restaurant and feasted there ever the best guacamole! Unfortunately, the children did not want tacos, so that we have a door continued to eat pizza for the main course. Now they were all full and satisfied. Accompanied by continuous rain we pitched our camp.

No gas no fun

Without gas no fun
Thursday we were still sniff some culture in the capital. In the middle of the city not far from the Capitol we found on a quiet street a great parking for our motorhome (for dollars an hour). In the visitor center of the Capitol of Austin, the children were busy for the next hour. Movies on the construction of the Capitol View, dress up as a cowboy and many other things made hungry. Before we left the Capitol View of interior, we strengthened ourselves in a sandwich bar where Jala equal asleep on the bench. With full stomachs and a sleeping Jala we headed to the Capitol. We had our dog Emma here and declared simply as “Service Dog”. On request of security personnel, we reported that Emma a companion dog is because our son “DCT” has. The guy accepted our statement with an understanding nod and kept us friendly on the door. * Incidentally, “DCT” nothing more than “Dreams Come True”. Emma ran obediently to Noam’s side and was allowed but in fact in every area in the building. In the Capitol, visitors can move freely and enter can be opened any room and explore. The fascinating insights and outlooks were then rewarded with an ice cream in the restaurant downstairs. Enthusiastic and tired, we drove to our next camp.

* This approach has so far – in other buildings – always wonderful works since Emma when at Noam on leash runs really never leaves his side. We respond to the question whether Emma is a companion dog each confidently with “Yes”.Also, no further questions will be submitted and an authorization nobody wanted to see. Thank you Tanja for the great education of Emma! Thus we were able to Emma until now almost everywhere in take and Noam is significantly concentrated.

Austin’s slogan “Keep Austin weird”

The next day we used for a stroll through the quirky shops downtown with the result that now roam both children only in her beloved cowboy boots. On the morning of our departure day we admired the flowers in the wildflower garden and the children were able to again run riot before we drove through the beautiful mountain scenery toward Fort Worth. After six days of Austin, we can say: the city is really different from the other cities. It’s green, it’s funky, it’s health conscious and attaches great importance to sports in nature. In any US city we saw so many jogging ends, pedaling and walking end people like here.