Emergency operation and Christmas (Mexico)

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The surgery – the fear weighs heavily

Yes, now it was time, we were on the way to Queretaro. We searched the hospital, according to the information provided by Google Maps – and found nothing. I became increasingly nervous and the fear of the next day came over me cold. After we found out where the clinic really is we went to a shopping center to us to pass the time. My nerves were to tear and the tears ran only. Was it the right decision to make the OP here in Mexico? What if something goes wrong? What if we can not continue the journey? If I can not speak properly? All these thoughts weighed heavily. In the evening I had an appointment with my endocrinologist and got the referral for the hospital. It was from here only a few kilometers to the hospital, to be held in the next morning the OP. The road behind the hospital was quiet, safe and had plenty of space to sleep there in our RV. Completely done by the long day and the many tears I fell into bed tired. Stefan went in together with Emma, ​​to get to the surrounding ATM nor the necessary cash, so that we could then pay all the bills. Because the cost of the surgeon and the entire medical team was to be paid in cash. The bundles of money piled up on our kitchen table like a bad thriller.

The day of the operation arrived. Only once all the forms had to be filled out and signed, and I still do not know exactly what I signed there, because it was all in Spanish. Then I was already in my room. I had a single room with private bathroom and a newer, electrically adjustable hospital bed. Also, the OP-shirt looked exactly as I knew it. The nurses then tried many a time to place an infusion, which was not easy because of the cold and the fear I felt. Here I had some concern about the hygiene. Hand hygiene I saw no and the disinfection of the puncture site, it was not taken as accurate. After all, they had original packaging and disposable materials. After the fourth attempt was then the infusion. Now it was said wait. Despite single room the children were not allowed to me and Stefan tried to occupy the mobile home and in between come and see me and to see if I had everything well. Then the surgeon came to see me. What a strange feeling, the person who will operate an equal, for the first time to see. Until that time we had contact only by e-mail. Dr. Sierra was an extremely sympathetic doctor and I was now very reassured. Since he had an emergency at my OP delayed by one and a half hours. Well, I waited just a little.

Then it went into the operating room. As the doors were all very tight, I was brought in a wheelchair. At an old wooden door, I was handed over to the nurse in the operating room and had to lie down on the operating table. Still covered with a towel I was then alone among the huge operating light and I ran only tears. I felt delivered and had no idea how it would end. Then finally came the anesthesia team, talked to me, made some music and soon I was fast asleep. An eternity later, I found myself between curtains with an oxygen tube under his nose again. Slowly, I regained consciousness and then went infusion broken. Unfortunately, the nurse let not convince to place any new infusion. He said stubbornly, I could swallow no tablets. He also struggled in three, hygienic rather questionable attempts so from me to miss a new infusion. Well, this then held until the next morning. When I was awake enough I was returned to the cot into the room where I was finally able to climb in the comfortable bed. Oh, what I’ve been looking forward, as Stefan and the children came to me. The surgeon had put in a good word with the hospital management and so now were also the children come into the room. They had me specially painted a picture and were ecstatic to have Mama again.

Yes, it was all gone well. My language had taken no harm and the pain stopped with the painkillers in limits. I was by the anesthesia still a little groggy and very glad that the surgeon had to remove only one half of the thyroid. Following instructions of the surgeon I could nurses take something to eat and to the injections to relieve pain and nausea that there was default and against which I could not defend myself, the nurses did not care really. Good thing I also anything more needed. After a fairly good night I was allowed to leave the hospital the next day really. Something weakened and 3000 CHF less in the bank account, we were on our way.

The next two days we spent in an urban recreational park, where we were allowed to camp. In the middle of the week we were almost the only guests here and help Noam allowed when cleaning the turtle tank. So many turtles as here it has never had in his hand. Stefan plagued serious headaches the whole situation had then yet more burdens him, as he had at first suspected. We did the nature well. The children were able to move freely, to observe the animals and play. I had to spare, because while running the neck still ached and the pressure point in the mouth through the tube also did not make the food so much fun.

On the road to Cancun – The Yucatan Peninsula in fast forward

With new powers, we went with short stops to Cancun, where Grandma and Grandpa wanted to be picked up from the airport. On our way through the Yucatan Peninsula, we crossed the jungle in Catemaco and saw beautiful red parrots. Noam so collected many oranges that it was enough for a soda, swung on a vine in the cool water and whipped the water slide through the jungle down.

In Campeche we met the pirates and scaled the ramparts. In a great cafe we ​​ate the best cheesecakes are a long time and tried all sorts of board games.

In the yellow city Izamal we fled again before the fireworks funny Mexicans and climbed a pyramid. the evening when the children were tired, we took a right girl carriage back to our campsite. What a cool experience.

We went to Merida. Here we found a great adventure park. The children were able to your heart’s climb, slide and trampoline. Six whole hours she raged out to plop into bed dead tired.

On the palm-fringed North Coast, we found a wonderful place with white sand and clean water directly under coconut trees. We enjoyed a few nice days and then headed to Cancun.

Cancun – Living in an apartment and visitors from home

For three weeks we had an apartment in downtown Cancun rented because it would definitely have been too closely with the grandparents in the camper. The apartment was clean and nicely decorated. The plant had a huge pool and two small playgrounds. Here we felt comfortable. Full of anticipation, the children painted a welcome poster for Grandma and Grandpa, and we all fell both with tears in his eyes at the airport around the neck. We enjoyed the two weeks together to the fullest and had a lot to tell. With the car we explored the beaches around Cancun, climbed the pyramids in Tulum, bathed in a cenote and took the golf cart on the Isla de Mujeres. Our little princess Jala celebrated her third birthday. All they wish there was a chocolate cake and many girls gifts with more glitter. Also a Piñata by Mexican model had to be there. Jala is now a really big girl and is eagerly waiting to be as old as her brother Noam.

All Mexico had long been decorated for Christmas and we bought a Christmas tree we colorful decorated according to Mexican tradition. The children were the arrival of the Christ Child and wait so we ate the traditional Swiss cheese fondue after the mess. Filled with great gratitude we celebrated a wonderful and relaxing Christmas with the family.

Two weeks went by in a flash and then it was time to say goodbye.

For us it was time to all our belongings – of which we still have plenty – stow again in the camper. The children could no longer wait to sleep in “her” room, so we left the apartment a day early.

From Cancun to Belize – reunion with old friends

In the next ten days we went south towards Belize.

On Xhpu Ha Beach we met international audience. Although the campsite itself was not so great, the mood for the better. Here we met Antonio and Antonella and her four children who are eight years traveling in a Mercedes Sprinter. We had wonderful conversations and are deeply impressed. We hope to see you again in Spain, where they will live from March.

In Tulum we sniffed the hippie backpackers air and then drove to Majahual where create the large cruise ships. Here Thomas, a very dear Austrians opened a small but nice campground right on Caribbean sand. Already at the entrance stood a campervan is the eye. We could not believe it almost. After almost a year we met the Swiss Erika and beat of www.silverstar-on-tour.jimdo.com again. The joy is huge, but we spent last year Easter together at the Carlsbad Caverns. Noam and Beat knüpften the scheduled exactly as to where they left off last time. In Thomas found a new friend Noam. He learned a lot about the chickens and collecting the eggs diligently and caught the chicken back in the evening to bring one of them back to their coops. The rescued dogs have done it Noam. With a heavy heart and with great memories we drove on.

In Bacalar we admired the many blue shades of the lagoon and got ready for our journey to Belize. Unfortunately Jala had a fever. a bladder infection was quickly diagnosed by a urine test. After a short visit to the doctor, the appropriate antibiotic, and a deterioration fever we could enter in Belize one day later. About Belize then more next time.

Our conclusion after six months Mexico:

We totally fell in love with this country. Against all warnings we felt safe at all times and welcome. We found all over the country spread beautiful and affordable campgrounds great colonial cities and beautiful beaches. Everywhere there was fresh fruit and vegetables for sale at unbeatable prices and large shopping centers such as Walmart, Mega, Soriana and Chedraui left nothing to be desired. For our Fiat camper we were in Cancun can make a professional service, including V-belt replacement. Also necessary spare parts as brake pads for the journey we could buy here. The medical care is quite adequate to excellent, well-stocked pharmacies are everywhere and laboratories for all kinds of blood and urine test are available in every city. We can say that we have found along well and we were able to set up our lives comfortable.

It was a fantastic time and we hope for this wonderful country that it moves in the world in a better light and more people want to discover these beauties.

Yes, now we leave aching heart Mexico and see what Belize has in store for us. A correct idea we have not only the fear that everything will be very expensive there. But until now, our expectations were exceeded mostly positive. Let us hope that it will be this time that way.

See you