Grand Canyon, Glen Canyon, and Antelope Canyon

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In the dark we reached the Grand Canyon. Shortly before the park entrance there is a large public forest in which we can also camp. We drove over a cattle grate into a good mile along a forest path in the dark forest. Along the way we discovered another camper and not feel so alone. The night was calm and peaceful under a fantastic starry sky. In the morning in the morning we headed to the Grand Canyon National Park. We were still hoping to get a campsite in the park, but unfortunately nothing was free. Thus, we decided the next night in the nearby forest to spend. We explored the western part of the National Park, took the shuttle and our bikes in tow all the “Hermitroad” along. We enjoyed our picnic against the stunning backdrop of the Grand Canyon before the 16km long route went back to the parking lot with the wheels. Again and again we stopped at the lookouts and admired the deep abyss and the great rocks. Noam cycled and cycled and if it uphill the force left had him Stefan slide a piece before it went down again. Towards evening we arrived tired, hungry and very pleased again with our camper. Emma waited eagerly for us and could not wait to walk. In the evening we admired with many other people the sunset before we again pitched our camp in the forest. The second day we listened to the Ranger with a small hike and learned about fossils before then the “Scenic Drive” along toward eastern park exit went. We drove into the evening to a small Indian settlement. We nursed our hunger in a great restaurant and slept at a campsite belonging to the hotel and was correspondingly low.

Football with Quentin and Clémence

In the morning we met two Swiss couples who spent the night next to us and had some nice conversations before we opened ourselves to Page Glen Canyon. The weather kept his promise and it rained all day. At lunchtime, we stopped at the “Navajo Bridge”, a bridge built in 1920 over the Grand Canyon and waiting the storm from having lunch in the camper. Later in Page we parked at Walmart, made the necessary purchases and were happy that our motorhome is dry and warm. With the Wi-Fi from Taco Bell and McDonalds so we could do and hung just once around some things. Even the next day was not really better. We visited the Visitor Center of the Glen Canyon National Parks and watched an educational film about the construction of the dam. In the afternoon we use again washing clothes. Heike retained the laundry in mind while Stefan was playing with the kids and Emma in the park opposite. Here we met Quentin and Clémence, a young Physiotherapeutenpäarchen from France. Noam expended himself in football games with the two so much that in the evening it was no longer comfortable in bed. After a quiet night, he was in the morning, thank God, recovered and in top shape. This day was weather is concerned not really splendidly. Although no longer It was raining and the sun was shining again, but for this it stormed. We explored the various ports made us smart, whether it would make sense to rent a motorboat and rejected the idea when we heard what it would cost us the gasoline alone. Then maybe flex its muscles and for the next day to rent a kayak. On “Lone Rock” Beach, where the children could play safely in the sand we met surprisingly back to Quentin and Clémence. We agreed to continue for the next day to kayak.

Paddeling im the Lake Powell

The wind had died down and the sun shone from the sky, perfect weather for a trip by kayak. We paddled 1 hour and 20 minutes in the Antelope Canyon about there pitch our picnic. We talked a lot, the children climbed on the stones around and discovered the many small salamander on the rocks. Safely arrived back at the port, we already felt our shoulders, and the next day the associated muscles. Early in the morning we headed to the “Lower Antelope Canyon” to escape the tourist crowds. We had no idea that stones in combination with sunlight can be so beautiful. Our film camera began almost to smoke so were many beautiful views there. Enjoy the movie and all the beauty that nature holds for us. Impressed it goes on for us in the state of Utah to other wonders of nature. The next report you learn everything about the Zion National Park and Bryce Canyon and endless expanses of nowhere.

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