In the footsteps of the Cowboys

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From New Mexico, we drove in the state of Arizona. On Highway we stocked up at the visitor center with extensive maps for this State a. Both the good cards as well as informative brochures to help us plan our trip again. Our next destination was Tombstone, a cowboy town like the Wild West. Here there was no way free to camp, so we use a conventional campsite, but we were the only guests. So we had a fully equipped space with fairly high speed internet, which is not also a matter of course for thirty dollars. After lunch we headed to the Cowboys. We visited an old saloon, marveled at the passing carriages and posed with the Cowboys. Late in the afternoon thick clouds appeared, it cooled so from right and snow showers came from the sky. So we spent the rest of the day comfortably with tea and playing in the camper.

On horseback across the prairie

The next day we continued towards Tucson, a city surrounded by the Sonoran Desert. By chance we came across the advertisement for visiting a park with a cave, a small ranch with horses and petting zoo, as well as the opportunity to camp out for only five dollars. In this beautiful valley “Vail” east of Tucson, we arrived in the late morning. The environment with the majestic to the sky towering cacti we liked right away. Also a parking space for our camper was still available, so we had plenty of time to explore the area. Noam wanted to horses and hoped fervently that he should ride alone. It had some visitors who set out also to a trail with the horses, but fully it was not. We opted for the first time for a 20 minute trail on horseback. In front of us was another family so we had to wait a bit. In this period we strengthened ourselves with sandwiches in the RV. Noam it could not wait until we were at the row and waited expectantly, which would probably be his horse. Heike has never been ridden, but wanted it necessarily even try and also waited anxiously with Noam until it finally happened. And then the question of the rancher: “Noam, you want to ride alone, or should I take the horse on a leash?” Noam thought for a moment and then had the opinion that he could probably this alone. Said and done, Heike and Noam mounted the horses and then it went behind the rancher. Both made a really good impression on her first ride and were very enthusiastic about this new experience. They rode through the wonderful and impressive landscape full of beautiful cacti. Stefan followed us with Jala in Bondolino to everything with the camera capture. What an experience !!!! Heike and Noam are eager to ride again go, perhaps there is even the opportunity again. Then it moved the children in the petting zoo. Jala and Noam could not get all of the many love animals enough there. And Noam was a real master at catching the chickens and gather around. The ranch was always something, so we spent the whole afternoon there until we were on our way to our parking space. And again we found an incredibly great place with great panoramic views of the Sonoran Desert, which. For a dream After a night under a beautiful starry sky, we went the next morning to Tucson.

In the Wild West

We explored the city and cooled our hot heads in a splash park, which made only once for sufficient cooling. We spent the night in a quiet park of a casino to the next day the old Wild West movie set in Old Tucson to explore. Throughout the day we strolled through this Wild West town. Admired the saloon, explored the sheriff’s office and have witnessed a judge stunt show. Including holding one ear because of the loud shootings. In the evening we saw then the blazing red sun go down in the desert before we fell asleep calmly. The period was marked by cowboys, cacti and the grandiose experience to ride on a horse. We do now on to Phoenix, more on that in the next report.