Lots of nature and wonderful rock

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From Arizona we drove to Utah to Zion National Park. From Page we drove through great, crisscrossed with rocky landscapes until just before the park entrance where we pitched our camp. There we found a small quarry where Noam practiced for the first time with his fishing rod. Throwing the hook was getting better and Noam refined his art all afternoon.

After a quiet night we went early in the morning in the Zion National Park. At the entrance we had to buy a ticket for the tunnel now. Our mobile home was a little too wide to drive with two-way traffic can thereby. So it went for us with block clearance through the tunnel. A winding road meandered in the park with a beautiful view of steeply rising skywards rock walls and the fresh green of the trees. We drove straight to the campsite in the park, hoping to get a parking space. Before the barrier a queue had already formed, but with a little wait we soon had a place for the next two nights. The campground was idyllic on a river and the young green was wonderfully refreshing. The children were playing outside, we explored the surroundings with our bikes and got us the Junior Ranger booklet at the visitor center before we went to the museum. In the evening, even Parker, a boy from the neighboring campground came to us and the children played together omitted. We adults had many interesting conversations with other people, informed us about the benefits of mobile photovoltaic system and learned later Wes and Pia from Santa Barbara know in California. Pia left Switzerland already years ago over forty and she and her husband are now retired and in their Mercedes van they undertake repeatedly tours through the United States. They invited us to Santa Barbara and once we’re in California, we will visit them.

The second day we spent very active in the park, walked along the river and rode down the switchbacks. We enjoyed the gorgeous warm spring weather, great views of the mountains and the many fresh green around us. The children had really fun out here and played happily with there new friends.

Bryce Canyon Nationalpark

The time flew by and in view of the deteriorating weather conditions the route took us on to Bryce Canyon National Park. We drove 80 miles through little populated country and the opportunities for shopping were limited. We even bought milk and eggs and so should have enough for the next three days inventories. We found the park a nice campsite and quickly realized that we were on 2400Meter. It was noticeably cooler and windy and at night our heater had problems with the supply of oxygen, they roared like a rutting stag. After Stefan had unscrewed the cover of the heater outlet, it was immediately better. We were very happy about our heating, because the temperatures reached almost freezing. In the afternoon we met again Wes and Pia and we all looked forward to huge. We explored the park, wandered through the majestic orange translucent rock formations, braved the icy wind at 3000 meters and the children found there actually still snow to play. After 30 degrees Celsius in Zion National Park two days before we now brought out again our winter jackets and winter boots. Temperatures were now right for a big campfire and roast marshmallows. In the only shop on site we have covered us with the most necessary food, which we. In fruits and vegetables due to poor quality and completely excessive prices, waived for the next few days A small bowl of strawberries cost here ten dollars unbelievable! The way led over a 110-mile Scenic Drive’s to just 3000Meter up and down snaked to Capitol Reef National Park. Stupidly came Heike when driving uphill to almost 3000Meter his finger on the key, which so moved that the engine ran. Such a crap!!! Now the display lit up for the injection and the next slopes let the engine power significantly in the higher gears after. Since we were in the absolute middle of nowhere we drove on. In a nice restaurant we stopped for a lunch break, until we arrived in the afternoon in Capitol Reef National Park. Unfortunately the campsite was full. After the long drive, the uncertainty what it was all about having the injection system, recurring problems with the gas supply and the sudden catastrophic failure of the onboard electronics was the mood in the basement. Heike was once a round with Emma, Jala played in the meadow with their toys and Noam built himself a horse on the upper beam of the wooden fence. Stefan was dedicated to the on-board electronics and took out of desperation all connectors apart at the fuse box. Here he discovered that two very similar looking cables that were all labeled were reversed. After he had plugged the cable in the right place worked our avionics properly again. Thankfully, a problem solved. The gas problem remained, with various tricks we brought the gas again to run but knew we wanted to take this problem in Denver in attack. Because of the injection we discussed back and forth and agreed to us, on the evening 110Meilen continue to go to sleep at a gas station and if everything was going well, being able to drive early the next day to Arches National Park to there still a cheap campsite to snag. The ride was smooth on good roads through huge expanses of rock hills in different colors.

Playing in Arches National Park

After a short night we drove the next morning directly to our chosen campsite to Moab. Here, it was public land where you could camp out the night for $ 15. Although the shield to place said “Full”, but that did not stop us from once to go across the square and try our luck. And who says it because it was just one more free place we once reserved for the next three nights. As the weather for this and the next day was more difficult to predict than good, we presented our stormwater program together. We once filled our really empty refrigerator back on, had to empty our toilet and drain the wastewater, strengthened us in a small brewery for lunch and use the next day the opportunity for some machine wash. Stefan bridged the time with the kids at the local library and brought our homepage again up to date. The free and fast WiFi in libraries is for us always an enjoyable thing. Here we can provide our much needed digital stores do and the children discover new books and games. And hard to believe 48 hours later extinguished the light for the injection system by itself and the engine was running perfectly again. After two rainy days we woke up in the sunshine on the third day. Now we started to discover the bizarre rock formations, bridges and stone window of Arches National Park. On our first hike we met a family from Switzerland and the boys immediately began to play together wonderfully. Since they did not have a parking space for your RV for the night, we arranged for the evening. So it was for all of us a grand finale with common meal on fire, much games and speeches and the fantastic images of the day. The next morning it was raining again with rain. Noam and Jala received the visitor center still proudly their Junior Ranger badge before we opened on our long, exhausting and not very dangerous trip through the Rocky Mountains to Denver. These then more in the next report. One was betrayed before, at 3400 meters the air is noticeably thinner and snowstorms can also be even early May.