From Phoenix northbound

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After waiting Tucson Phoenix, the largest city in Arizona to us. We climbed “The hole in the rock” and had a great view of the city. The temperatures reached summer levels and we were on the search for a cooling. But it was here not really “season” and all pools and most Splash parks were still closed. But with any luck, we were able to find and treated ourselves one way or another cooling. Phoenix is clean and bicycle friendly, and thus we explored the city with just this. The nights we spent in the parking lot of a nearby casinos and anxious in new Outlet Sandals for Jala. We went to Sedona. Along the way we visited the “Montezuma Castle National Monument”, where Noam his first Junior Ranger Badge gained and is now totally motivated to collect more of them.

Hiking in the Red Rocks

Sedona received us with an impressive backdrop of bright red rocks. Clouds and rain gave us the next day time to wash our clothes and do the necessary purchases. Three nights we stayed on a simple camping in the forest. We wandered around the red rocks, set fire to the “Chapel of Holy Cross” a candle for our loved ones and waited for a great sunset, which unfortunately failed to materialize due to the many clouds. The weather remained rainy and therefore the way led us to the Falgstaff to replace Stefan’s shoes.

Meet the “Full-time Family”

Our next destination was the “Petrified Forest National Park”. We were not quite sure if the wide Driving is really worth it, but Park surprised us positively. We admired the colored hills in the Painted Desert, felt the old days of Route 66 and saw tons of fossilized tree trunks from the distant past. At the exit of the park, there was a free parking space for our camper. Here we met a Swiss couple, which is a mobile home was purchased in the US and is now on the road for six months. From the other caravan then two American families came with their children and so it was for all of us a fun and entertaining evening until the children fell exhausted from many romp in bed. The two American families live in their caravans, teach their children themselves and show them America. Through them we learned that there are many such families in the US, with the most diverse motives, they call themselves “Fulltime Families” and have a large network on Facebook. What a great thing !!!

Our next destination was the Grand Canyon National Park. The path led us past the Walnut Canyon National Monument, which we used for a break. We got a lot of steps down and up again, marveled at the houses under the ledges of long ago and are thankful that our life is not so difficult as that of the people of that time. In the evening we drive to the big and well-known national parks in the United States. We are excited about what awaits us there and look forward to a few days in nature. The next report then all over the Grand Canyon.

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