Everyday things of a dream life

Since mid-December 2015 we traveling our dream life trip and have experienced in this time incredible things. Our Carthago motorhome is our “sweet home”! Traveling and discovering has developed to a relaxed routine during this time. There are some everyday things we enjoy very much ..


It is a glorious luxury to start in the day without an alarm clock. We used to think earlier that 8 hours of sleep is something like a natural optimum for the body. After several months without an alarm clock, we noticed that we love to get 10 hours a day and the kids prefer to sleep approx. 11-12 hours.

Cuddle uo

Every morning the children snuggle to us under the covers. Everybody enjoy it and also during the day and in the evening, the kids cuddle with us. It seems like no saturation for body contact exist.


After severely months of travel, we still enjoy a common meal. To have breakfast, lunch and dinner always together as family if a dream for us and we are incredibly grateful for it. The travel has led us to get rid of mealtimes. Basically we eat when we are hungry. To mitigate the risk of a permanent “binge”, we decided to forgo sweets and snacks of all kinds. We do not buy chocolate, no chips and no Nutella and we do no drink sweet soft drinks. Except when we eat in a restaurant. Everybody can ordered what he wants if we eat in a restaurant. After a short “withdrawal phase” all have become accustomed. We eat here not only healthier, the purchases have also become much cheaper and the kids are more balanced due to the sugar reduction .

Sun and Nature

We spend a lot of time outside in the fresh air, the sun and nature. This is not surprising, because this is almost always hot and sunny weather. It is a great privilege for us that we wear sunglasses from early in the morning until late night.

Feeling time – doing noting – want nothing: This is luxury!

The excuse: “.. unfortunately I do not have time ..” do not work anymore. We have time for everything. And as we arrive to a beautiful place, we just stay as long as we want. Sometimes we spend a full day on an attraction to observe how herds of tourists in huge buses invade a place. And while the children play we wait for a magnificent sunset once again. And if it does not happen, we just come again tomorrow.

Now up to you …

  • What is your out “perfect” day?
  • What prevents you from scheduling your “perfect” day in your agenda?
    (We believe that 1 day a month is something like a “human right”)

We want you encourage now to plan a “dream day” and realize it. Do not hesitate to contact us if you need any kind of support or coaching.